In what situations am I refunded?




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    Booking ID 119871

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Yuki Kimura, and I would like to research and help about booking fee which you had charged, although I did the cancellation of the booking in 24hours after the booking. 
    I booked the apartment of Goya, on 15th of May using my Visa card. 
    After the booking, I noticed that it wasn't the best choice, so that I cancelled it from Uniplaces Page. 
    However, I am surprised to know that you have charged from my Visa card.
    I hope it won't be making a trouble.  So would you mind research well about it?
    I hope deposit back to my Visa card.
    Yuki Kimura
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    Pablo De Gea Rentero (Edited )
    Llevo 4 días poniendome en contacto con ustedes a través de su página we. Realicé una reserva hace mas de una semana. Esta se confirmó abonando la cantidad, desde entonces no he recibido ningún tipo de comunicación ni mensaje por parte de nadie. Estoy muy disgustado con la gestión de esta, estoy incomunicado y con temor de perder el dinero que he confiado a esta página. Les comunico que al llevar una semana intentando rechazar esta plaza, ya que nadie contacta conmigo.
    Un saludo, espero que haya solución inmediata.
    Booking id: 36515
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    Laianeville (Edited )

    Hice una reserva hace unas 3 semanas para una habitación en París en esta web y la confirmé pagando la cantidad del primer mes. Hace una semana el propietario canceló unilateralmente la reserva por email, sin comunicarlo en esta página. Querría que se me devolviera íntegramente el dinero de la reserva (653€). Gracias. Booking ID 144952

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    Zsolt Lesetar (Edited )

    Dear Uniplaces Team,

    I reserved a room a week ago, and I got the contact details of the landlord, but I could not make any contact with him, he does not answer anywhere. What should I do? Thanks for the reply

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    Mitja Košak

    Dear Uniplaces;

    I am trying to reach landlord for the room in Lisbon we booked and received the confirmation - for days. He is not answering my calls, SMS neither the e-mails.  What should I do? It is less than 10 days to move-in and we don't know what to do.


    Thanks for your answers. Mitja 

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    Arnaud Leparni (Edited )

    Hi i am Arnaud Leparni
    Uniplaces take 641 euros from my father but it s a mistake. Because i already paid my housing with my own card (666 euros). So you have to refund my father please.

    Thanks and please answer me

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