If I have questions, what should I do?




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    Stephan Vogel

    I need someone to talk to!

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    C Tanml

    The credits refunded back to me after a failed booking was significantly different from the credit I had in my account

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    Tommy-lee Sporkslede

    i need someone to talk to too!!

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    Miguel (Edited )

    I need someone from uniplaces to contact me, please.

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    how can I do an alteration?

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    How can I talk about the room?

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    the landlord contacts are not reachable. all of them are invalid. I need someone to talk to please!


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    I want to know about the contract before I book the room. Will it be available once I pay?

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    Maria Fb Jorge

    The room is free and available, but i can't book. Why?

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    Eu preciso falar convosco.Ja enviei duas mensagens. Mau serviço?

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    Andrea Antonioni5

    Why do you not have a complaint section and a customer service number?! I need to talk to someone!

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    Lauren Meneghetti

    I need to talk to you ASAP! I have sent many emails and no answer, can someone call me today?

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    Preciso de ser contactado!!!
    Please, can someone talk to me?

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